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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

The Denver Dumb Friends League is a home all pets who have been abused or their owners can't take care of them anymore.
Founded in 1910 this organization is the largest welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region. The Denver Dumb Friends League is a no kill shelter meaning that the pets won't get killed if no one adopts them right away.
There are two shelters. One is called the Quebec Street Shelter. It is located on Quebec Street in Denver. The other is called The Buddy Center. It is located in Castle Rock.
The Denver Dumb Friends League got its name from the word "dumb." Dumb means can't speak. There mission statement is, "speaking for those who can't speak for themselves."All pets are welcome in to the shelter. Even one time they had goats. The shelter turns no pets away. It is also an open-admission shelter. This means that they take pets even if they're ill or injured. The shelters take in 60 to 100 pets a day.
In summertime, they have critter camp for kids. All the campers have to do is send some information to hed@ddfl.org. Also they have junior volunteers for teens.
To conclude, if you're in need of a pet adopt one from the Denver Dumb Friends League. A pet is looking for a home right now.