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I Hate Middle School

If you have just started middle school or are almost in middle school, this book could help you survive. The book, Middle School The Worst Years of my Life by James Patterson, tells the complete tales of Rafe Khatchdorian and his friend Leo.This book is full of comics that represent Rafe's life. These comics aren't just plain old comics, they are full of craziness. Even some of the chapters are just comics. This book is not part of a series.I thought the craziest thing that Rafe did was set the fire alarm off on the first day of school. The whole entire school went so crazy, it made me laugh. I also thought that the posters of Miller the Killer were funny, too.Patterson usually writes adult books. This is one of the few books that are young adult. He is an award winning author. He is also the author of the Daniel X series.I would recommend this book for people in middle school to help them survive school and for people who love comic books. Even though Diary of a Wimpy Kid is good for young readers, I guarantee this long novel is for them too.


Sounds hilarious!

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