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An Advenure with the Crooked Arrows


When Joe Logan needs to find land so that his manager can build on to the casino Joe goes to his father for help. Before his manager can start building, Joe needs to have a test to see if he is trustworthy enough to have the land. For the test Mr. Logan’s father gets to choose what that test should be. After a couple of hours of thinking he decides that his son needs to coach the lacrosse team for his old high school.
Joe’s boss thinks of a new idea and he does something without Mr. Logan’s dad’s approval. The team gets upset at their coach. Did he turn on them? Will he make things right again? Will they win the biggest game of the season? Find out in Crooked Arrow, now showing.
I would recommend this movie to people that play lacrosse, would like to know about the history of lacrosse, and people that just want to go see a good movie. There was some questionable language and a lot of action. But overall this movie is one of my favorites by far. I loved this movie because it had funny parts, sad parts, cute boys, and a great story to tell. When the Crooked Arrows made a score everyone in the theater were so excited that they were cheering the lacrosse team on.