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Autumn's Magic


The magic of the seasons
Lies within the eyes of those who watch
The flowers blooming in spring,
The heat glistening in summer,
The leaves crunching in fall,
The snow drifting down in winter.
And though everyone sees their own image,
The most simple and crisp image is autumn.
I gaze at my picture of autumn
That I took with the visual camera inside my head.
And I see the magic of the moment,
The very moment that the picture was taken in by my senses.
At that moment, the air was crisp and clean.
A leaf was slowly descending towards Earth,
Soon to be
By the feet of children,
Young and old
Running by happily,
Jubilant in this wonderful season.
You see, there is a piece of each of us
In each of the four diverse seasons.
Autumn is the most simple and crisp part of me...
Every time a leaf falls from a tree. 


I haven't come back to any of my writing to see comments before, especially to see such kind comments! Thank you all soooooooooo much, it means a lot to me!

AWESOME with a capital A!!!

Thank you!

This is an amazing poem. Great descriptive writing! 

Thank you! Having read some of your work, including your most recent article "The Perfect Storm", I am really pleased that you like my writing as much as I like yours!

Wow! This is an amazing poem!

Thank you! Also, I read your "Chairs" blog and thought it was really unique and different, and artsy too. I liked it a lot, so it makes me really happy that you like my work too.

pretty writing

pretty writing. I love it

Thank you!

Whoops, I sent that one twice!

Thank you!

I like your poem.

Thank you! I have read some of your poetry and it is SPECTACULAR, so I take that as high praise!

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