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Great riddle

What happens once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in an hour ?? Tell me your answers on the comments!! : )


The letter M!

Did not look at the answers for that!

It's the letter "M". By the way, I didn't look at the comments to answer that. Cool!

The answer is the letter "M"

Awesome riddle sooooooooo cool the answer is M!

Oh, I get it now!!!!! AWESOME RIDDLE!!!!

The letter "m".

Love that one!

wait i get it

How could it be the letter m?

The letter "m"

The letter "m"

M. Riddles are so fun

Very funny. :)

m :&) everybody knows that it is one of the old jokes. like the one i told which was pretty bad

The letter m i tell this to my family all the time.

Ha Ha! I get it. i was stuck on it until i looked at the words really hard. The letter m!


That was creative. Who thinks of that kind of stuff. Thanks for sharing. -naomi callister-

the letter m!

Anyone who said the letter M is correct!!! : )

The letter M :)


The letter "m."

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