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The Heart and Mind of a True Fighter


Frances Pauley is a different person from her family, and the people who go to her school. Frances, or how she likes to be called, Figgrotten, Is very different than her sister. Her mom says that “She is going through changes” but Figgrotten still doesn’t understand, her sister is always cleaning her room and is always well, perfect. Figgrotten on the other hand is the exact opposite almost, she loves nature. Meaning that she is completely rejected by her sister. Instead of the perfectly clean and kept up room Figgrottens sister has, she has transformed her room into the most natural place it could be. Her room is lined with rocks and Figgrotten had brought multiple tree branches in to her room. Not to mention she always sleeps with her window open, even when it’s freezing outside. And she always sleeps in her jacket. Nobody really understands her except her bus driver. Oh, and maybe that new boy that transferred to her school.
The Heart and Mind of Frances Pauley is a very good book and I would definatly suggest reading it. The description in this book is amazing and the point of view and uniqueness is something very special that you cant find in most books. This book was fairly long though, which is why I would probably recommend it for people who have the time to read something longer and can read something longer. I would probably recommend this for 9 or 10 and up.
Overall this book was packed with so much description and as I said it carried an amazing point of view and it was so very unique and different. The author of this book, April Stevens had such a spark of imagination when writing this.
Many people bullied Frances for being different, but she had the heart and mind of a true fighter. The heart and mind of Frances Pauley.