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Helping Girls Make Their Way Into Science

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

On March 3rd at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science there will be a fun, temporary event going on: The Girls and Science program. This fun program was inspired by an event a Boston museum did. During the event there will be many different women from STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) such as Doctors, Space Scientists, Biologists, Environmentalists, and Paleontologists.

Each woman will have their own clubhouse, a small station somewhere in the museum, where they will have an activity planned for the people that come. Natalie Toth, a paleontologist, is one of the women that will have a clubhouse on March 3rd. “My favorite part of science is having the sense of discovery and getting to find out new things every day” said Toth. In her clubhouse, “Can You Dig It”, whoever comes by will get to try and determine what is and isn’t a fossil, so that they can also experience a sense of discovery.

Even though this is only a one day event many months of planning go into it. Treloar Bower is one of the women that works on putting the whole event together. Bower said “ Putting together the Girls and Science event is a lot like playing the whack-a-mole game at a carnival”. Her job involves getting all the vendors, and setting up the schedule for the day. All of this can be a lot of work, but from how this event has been going it seems it’s all worth it.

Even though this event is called Girls and Science it’s encouraged for boys and men to come with. It is encouraged for boys and men to come because then they can see what women are doing and how much they can accomplish. Toth said “ I don’t ever want girls to feel discouraged or to give up”. By having boys and men come to the event they can see what women can do and stop some of the bullying.

This event was started to help introduce girls into things they might be interested in as a career. For boys this event might help to show them that they shouldn’t bully girls into thinking they can’t do it. This event has been one helping the community to learn more about STEAM and about what women are capable of.

If you are considering going this event goes from 9-5 and is included in general admission to the museum.