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Kids at Laurel Elementary Drum Their Way to Learning

Special needs education has come a long way at Laurel Elementary School of Arts and Technology in Fort Collins.  Last week over 20 kids joined their teachers and aides on a trip to Denver to demonstrate their drumming talent. With ages running 7-11, their excitement in performing at the Colorado Chapter of the International Reading Association’s annual conference, was hard to miss.  Ms. Nancy Brauhn-Curnes, their drumming teacher, has incorporated drumming with learning to encourage enthusiasm in learning. Their drumming techniques were taught as a part of their continent of Africa study in social studies.    
The best part was, when asked if they liked drumming and if they learned from drumming, the answer was always a resounding “yes”.  “They learn so much about coordination and collaborating with each other,” says Tommi Cox, the school’s principal.  These kids taught the adults at the conference that enthusiasm goes a long way in teaching.