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A Light in the Box part 2

Of course Susan didn't know what was going on. Not the even the slightest idea. She landed in a park. A very old park. The box didn't come along. It disappeared in the middle of the time stream. As always, Susan asked what the year was. Her answer, 1938. The idea was very strange to her,being in a park when WW2 was on the bridge of starting. She also landed in the most dreaded place to be at the moment, Germany. There was soldiers on every corner,ready to grab any strong looking kid to be drafted into the army. Susan looked buff. Very strong and reliable. The one the troopers were looking for. You see, the soldiers were alien. They could tell if you were strong, powerful, and also reliable. Susan was already very famous to these aliens. She was the most famous time lord in history. One who was undefeatable, one with a book of victories. The one who was suppose to save the world.
To be continued......