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A Light in the Box part 7

If you all have read the Alison Dare books you would know what the scientist was talking about. Yep, he was allergic to the coconut pie,or in other words, coconut. So Susan had another idea. She  always had a lot of stuff on her. Such as sweets to help with her diabetes and a flashlight. She had a Little Debbie's treat in her left pocket, named the Fast Ball, a coconut treat. She just knew she had to give it to him! Even if it meant taking risks of not having a sweet on her. "Um, excuse me,you look a little hungry, I have a snack that may "help" you." "What is this "snack" you're talking about?" "Uh...a Mini Pie...it's something we sell in the USA". "May I have it?" "Sure..." So Susan handed over the "Mini Pie". As soon as the scientist smelt it,he immediately passed out,giving Susan the chance to escape. 
to be continued...