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More Than A Book With Pictures

“Dream Big Dreams” by Pete Souza is an inspiring book with pictures of former president Barack Obama during his historical presidency. By each picture there is a caption describing what Obama was doing and how this was important to his way of life. Souza was chief official White House photographer for president Ronald Reagan and president Obama. The book is divided into six parts each one showing different aspects of his presidency. The photographs show that president Obama was a very active president and liked to travel around the world to meet not only heads of state but the locals too. Souza’s book also shows that Obama tried to engage with young ones. These are some of the things that made president Obama and his presidency so different from the ones before. The picture show that he was also a family man which means even though he was the president of the United States and had lots of work to do he still made time for his family. For example, on his 49th birthday even though it was his birthday he found time for each of his daughters. Not only did he do that, he also held basketball clinics for them and their friends on Sundays.
I recommend this book for all ages.Younger kids will be able to look at the pictures and understand what is happening and older kids and adults will be able to read and look at the pictures and understand what the book means. I liked how Souza described each picture, I think it will help readers understand the purpose behind the book.The book in my opinion is an easy read and only took me one day to read it. This is not Souza’s first book, he has written books like “Obama: An Intimate Portrait”and a book called “The Rise Of Barack Obama”. I thought that the photographs helped me like the book better. I think that that Souzas book is more than just a book with pictures in it. It tells a story of a president who showed a good example and inspired many youths and adults to take action and live their lives better.