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Safe Breaker Bedazzles Young Spies

 The new game Safe Breaker, part of the Spy Code series from Yulu, is a game for kids 6-10 years old. The game consists of a safe with coins inside, some of which are diamonds, and a stethoscope. The safe is a red plastic rectangular prism, with plastic gold chips to act as coins. Some of the coins have diamond stickers on the back, and one has an alarm symbol on it. There are also cards with numbers one through eighteen on them. The goal is to collect the coins and diamonds inside before the other players (this is a 2-4 person game) by using the combination dial and the fingerprint scanner to gain access to the vault. This game is very low-tech and easy for kids to use, but older children and teens will get bored by the simplicity. Unfortunately, the directions do not contain this simplicity seen in the game itself and can be difficult for the age group to understand without the help of someone older. The game has three modes: easy, medium, and hard. These modes can somewhat accommodate the different ages. This is a relatively quick game if you are playing with 2 players, around ten minutes to play. My ten year-old test player said, “I kind of liked the game and I kind of didn’t. The reason why I kind of liked the game is because I like the idea of trying to break into a safe. I kind of didn’t like the game because it was too dependent on luck.” Fourteen year-old test player Archer says, “It feels like a game for little kids, and me being fourteen, I thought the gameplay depended too much on luck, and not skill. Certain elements of the game that were supposedly secret were easily heard by everyone playing, making them not-so-secret anymore.” Another reason older players might not like this game is that the game seems to favor the younger players. The safe appears to determine the younger player through a rule in the game that states the youngest player goes first, and then gives the older player the alarm that skips his turn and/or makes him put his coins back in the safe almost every round. In contrast, the younger player was always having the safe unlocked for him. This happened almost every game the testers played. Of course, these assumptions have not been confirmed officially and are merely speculation.