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Spider Man 2017 Homecoming Movie Review

 In the new 2017 Spider Man Homecoming movie,it approaches to be a younger, inexperienced, more friendly type of Spider Man. The movie overall is great yet definitely directed to a certain audience. For example, there was a lot of humor to this film. Part of which being Spider Man trying to figure how his new suit worked out- and the many little puns between civil conversations. The humor was spread out across the movie until the end which in my opinion,kind of made the mood of the movie go down hill but it was saved with the very last punch line.The humor impacted the view of the movie in the way of making it more entertaining.

 The Spider Man movie also featured many connections to real life high school and balancing the pressure of being a secret super hero at the same time. For instance, there was a school dance that took place, a school field trip for academics, and the everyday emotions of the staff and students. During all of these events and everyday life Spider Man (Peter Parker) was able to identify how to solve crime without blowing his cover or letting his boss (Iron Man) find out he was on a more serious type of mission. With all this commotion some sacrifice at school had to happen as well. It left his friends wondering 24/7 and only one friend eventually found out which to me was pretty disappointing.Especially with his love interest because he saved her life and she already looked up to Spider Man. Spider Man (Peter) also had to face constant detention,always being distracted in class, and many people getting into his head.One thing I really enjoyed is how they made it possible to understand his life. I saw how he felt, trying to keep his normal life balanced at the same time,and trying to prove himself for a better future that he had in mind before.

 The movie also includes a message of empowerment in the sense of if Spider Man is nothing without his suit he does not deserve that suit which hooks you in at one of the most calm less action parts of the movie. He is told this through one of the people he most looks up to: Iron Man. The best part is how he handles it. He peacefully takes himself home and returns to his old life and accomplishes a lot more then handles the conflict without the suit. For me it was probably, the best part of movie based on how deep it was.

Furthermore,throughout the movie- it kind of started out kind of fast and started to become slower as you got into the movie, making it seem like the same thing was happening over and over in a different context. A little interaction with Peters peers, then a small fight with the criminals and then another lesson learned until the big fight at the end to finish it off.

Speaking of the end of the movie, it was almost like a cliffhanger Spider Man learned his lessons and became stronger as a superhero, and then nothing else. Not with the big bad mastermind, the love interest, his friends, his aunt so personally it made me a little upset but what do you know maybe there will be a second movie to explain the rest? So if your looking into the new Spiderman movie, being an adult, it might be a little cheesy with the teenage humor, being a teenage girl a little disappointing but funny at the same time because of all the repeated fights and lack in friendly relationships yet the silly things that happen when spider man is finding out his new suit. All in all, I would recommend this movie to young teenage males it's the perfect movie for that audience and they would very much enjoy it.


This is a great review, it tells me about the plot line, introduces some of the main characters and makes sure to tell the writers opinion. However, I think you might have given away a little to much about the story and spiderman's life a high schooler. Overall this was a great review, Thanks!

Ellie Reimer

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