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Trick-or-Treat Street for Kids with Autism and Down Syndrome

On Saturday, October 24th, the Powell Middle School: Builders Club volunteered to decorate Halloween rooms with games, prizes, and of course CANDY! The sixth, seventh, and eighth graders split into groups by grade. Unfortunately not enough sixth graders were able to participate to get their own room to decorate. With open arms, we welcomed the sixth graders that could come, into the seventh and eighth grade groups. With a quick discussion, we decided the sixth/seventh grade room theme would be the jungle! The sixth/eighth grade group decided to make their room theme none other than- Disney! As the day came upon us, the seventh graders all willingly gave up our lunch periods, and planned out the games, decorations, and outfits. When the exciting Saturday reached Builders Club, we all got to Arapahoe High School at 8:30/9:30, and began to decorate! Our room looked great, with plenty of candy, kid-friendly games, and the sound of jungle music! Around 10:00 kids with Autism, and Down syndrome, arrived with parents and siblings. When the first group walked in we all made an ‘aww’ sound as a pea-in-a-pod infant bounced in. The infant’s older brother (around 7 yrs old) played pumpkin bowling, the pumpkin toss, and guessed the candy in the jar; the brother infant reached into the water tub and picked a ducky. He pulled a duck with the number 10 meaning he won one of the top prizes! He was carried over the prize table, where he took mini baseball toy. The family said thank you and left. Around thirty people came and left, but almost all families were done looking at all the rooms, they said that theirs, along with their kids, the sixth/seventh grade room was their favorite! Some of the families, teachers, and high school kids even mistook me as a freshman! All in all we had a great time, and it was a huge success!