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Two Heroes, One Billion Acts of Peace

Brianna Wolle

The peace sign can be seen pretty much anywhere nowadays. Likewise, a sign of peace is beginning to pop up, both locally and globally.
Peacejam recently honored community leaders Cleo Parker Robinson and Dennis Gallagher at their 6th Annual Hero Awards Banquet. 
Peacejam is a non-profit based in Denver that is devoted to developing global leaders and engaging in the community. They do it through a three step process of educating, inspiring, and acting. 
Along with education, inspiration is  a key part of young leaders, which was the reason for recognizing community heroes.
"Getting this award, I've been surrounded by people enough to make the right choices," said Cleo Parker Robinson, who started a non-profit performing arts center. 
She and Dennis Gallagher are inspirations on the local level, but Peacejam has support internationally. They have Nobel Peace Laureates backing their programming and urging people to take part in shaping the world for the better.
Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former South African bishop, is one of those spirited influences. Walking into the event, a red carpet was rolled out and the "paparrazi" were going crazy because the banquet also doubled as the Colorado premiere of "Children of the Light," the Peacejam-made movie of his life and his effect on the world. 
The movie was staggering, to learn about what South Africa had gone through, but also how Tutu had changed the outcome with the non-violence protests. The film showed how young kids were taking his example to heart, starting their own projects.
Projects are how you can get involved in Peacejam. They've partnered with Google to create a 1 billion acts of peace campaign, to set up 1 billion projects by 2019. You can take action, and then you can take Desmond Tutu's words to heart, "Thank you, thank you, for all that you do and thank you for making me look so good on the screen."
While you're at it, take a peek at the movie, too.