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A Very Small Bear in a Very Big City


 Leaving his loving Aunt Lucy and peaceful home in Darkest Peru after a deadly earthquake Paddington journeys to the far off land of England and finds himself caught in a very big city. While his Aunt Lucy goes to a home for retired bears back in Darkest Peru Paddington ends up in a lifeboat on the way to England eating nothing but jars and jars of marmalade. Arriving safely in London, Paddington finds himself stuck in a trains station without a home and nothing but an empty suitcase and a tag saying “Please look after this bear. Thank you. ” Soon the loving Mrs. Brown notices him and convinces her husband, Henry Brown to let them take him home. Living with his new family is hard and in the meanwhile Paddington is being tracked down by taxidermist Millicent who has evil intentions of stuffing him.  Paddington then leads the loving Brown family on adventures with many twists and turns. 
Though the movie was just a faint outline of the book it was still enjoyable and incredibly hilarious. Unlike the book, the movie included a villain which was completely unnecessary. With such a star studded cast I honestly was expecting Paddington to be really great, but instead of being the funny and adorable movie I was looking forward to it turned out to be only okay. In some scenes Paddington seemed less of a little kid movie and more of a movie for an elementary school age group. Some parts were too intense and frightening for children under age 4. Although I was expecting better, Paddington was still very enjoyable.