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A Volunteer Who Makes the World a Better Place

Kira Zizzo

Lael Moe is a senior volunteer that spends his retirement time helping out others through numerous volunteer jobs. He even volunteers to do income taxes for AARP! Lael has been volunteering at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science where he has been filling multiple roles for around an astonishing 18 years! He volunteers at special events, the Discovery Zone, which is a hands on exhibit structured for young children in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, conducts interviews at DMNS and is an Ambassador at DMNS who orients newcomers and helps them learn and enjoy science.

He has used his talents of woodworking and natural engineering to enhance the museum. Lael has improved activities for visitors and staff by dedicating his time to making improvements like making sure the spinning tops work and fixing other problems using his ingenuity to make things move smoothly. He perseveres to exceed his expectations and knocks staff and visitors’ socks off with his dedication and commitment.

“I love the people who are here….wonderful staff and volunteers and talent. There are lots of ideas floating around here!” commented Lael Moe.  Natrisha Bayer, the Coordinator of Volunteers for Special Programs stated, ”Lael has dedicated more than 6,000 hours of his time to enriching the exhibits and programs at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.” “He’s curious, outgoing, dependable, and open to new experiences.” “He is one of the sunniest and funniest members of our nearly 2,000 person volunteer community at the Museum. Because he is trained in so many areas and he’s the kind of person who just brightens your day instantly.  Staff has been even known to fight over his time.”

Lael Moe has enriched the experience of adults and children experiences at the museum and has taken it to a new level for people of all ages. He is a role model to others because he takes his passions and talents and uses them in a positive way to improve the community.