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The World's Craziest Riddle

I have.......
-100 spiny arms
-4 green noses
-56  purple heads
-6 invisible tails
-long black fur
-9 eyes of all different colors
- No feet
-and 1  very long leg
What am I?


That's a good riddle!

This is a really good riddle! I would've said a bunch of grapes until I got to the part with fur and tails...

What is it?

That's pretty good, I'm gonna use that one!

my brother thinks he figured it out, a liar?

Ellie Reimer

I have no idea. None. Oh, I still don't get it.

I have no idea. None

I don't get it. What is it?

OOOH!!!! Is it... 
A plant? A 3-week-old plant/tree?

I get it! That's amusing.

that makes sense

That makes sense!! (Sort of....)

it is... A LIAR!!!! get it?

An alien??????

 An alien????

good guess, juliab, but not quite. What if I said I was 3 weeks old? what would I be?

an idea?

I am going to guess a Chameleon lizard because they can blend in so easily.  I am not very good at these so I am probably wrong!!!

Not a muppet or fish. hint: this is a trick question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some prehistoric cave man fish???????

A Muppet?

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