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Articles in "Books"

     The new game Safe Breaker from Yulu is a game where young spies can test their talents on a 3D safe, trying to gain access to the coins inside.

Dig deep into the life and excperiences of the great designer Coco Chanel.

Natalia Rose Baleine Gallagher is a twelve year old girl living life on the road with her dad. Follow her and her journey through life and around the world! 

In Coppell Middle School, in a remote part of Massachusetts, strange things have started happening. At first the occurrences just seemed like mild accidents, but they quickly started getting worse. Marcus O'Mara, an agent of the Library, has to figure out who -- or what -- is causing the events to happen. But will he be able to stop it and complete the story before it's too late?

“Well behaved women seldom make history.” - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Roses and Radicals: The Epic Story of How American Women Won the Right to Vote is an inspiring odyssey chronicling the 72 long years it took women to gain the right to vote.

For all the people who watch the CW hit TV Series, Supergirl: Age of Atlantis by Jo Whittemore is for you. This TV-inspired novel is packed with adventure and fun.

"Have you ever read a book and thought, Wow I wish I'd written that!?" (ix) When you read Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi you will understand what publisher, Rick Riordan was talking about. 

This is a book written in diary form about a girl in 1946 trying to find out who she is and where she belongs between Hindu and Muslim

 We all know the amazingly famous story The Wizard of Oz, but do you know it from a dog’s perspective? 

It’s a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and chocolate is bountiful in the stores. You turn on the TV to The Seven Show, with a troubling report. They have found a prophecy ordaining that by this Sunday, all chocolate will disappear! Jennifer “Jelly Welly” Wellington lives in the town of Chompton-on-de-Lyte, the world’s biggest chocolate hub. Long story short, chocolate is the life of the town and even the thought of no more chocolate is enough to send the entire town into hysterics. Students and teachers alike munch on the remaining bars, as the flow of chocolate slows and finally, no more chocolate is being shipped to stores anywhere. Is the Chocopocalypse an elaborate and well-executed plot? Or is it real? Welcome to the world of “The Chocopocalypse!”

We all know the amazingly famous story The Wizard of Oz, but do you know it from a dog’s perspective? 

Will Kostakis’, American debut novel, The Sidekicks is an exploration of grief. Although that may sound heavy, Kostakis weaves in all aspects of friendship, sexuality, internal thoughts, and family to create a story that is lighthearted and hopeful.

Join Andi in her fight to save her galaxy, Mirabel!

Imagine if you could travel back in time. If you ever do, it might be useful to have a guidebook with you!

Mount Olympus just got WiFi.

If you could travel back in time and meet historical figures would you say yes? What if the price was no longer having your memory? Well Gertie Milk didn't have a choice. She enjoyed the thrill of having the privilege, but she couldn't get over the fact of knowing that her family would never return to her. 

A fairytale-like world, with a twist.. Meet Pig, in The Dam Keeper by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi.

With bright colors and pictures, Sarah Albee manages to take the dark topic of poison and make it into a fun and "venom-enal" read with her new book “Poison.” Throughout the book, she talks about the many different types of poison, such as the ones found in the earth, like arsenic, to the ones we create, like rat poison.

Come read this fascinating story of Anne, Penelope, and Hiro as they conquer a nearly impossible quest!!

A New York Times bestseller book of poetry

The book The Legend of Shadow High is a lovely tale about two girls from Monster High, Draculaura (daughter of Dracula) and Frankie (daughter of Frankenstein) that stumble into a different world, w

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mr. Lemoncello where there are amzing games and the most spectacular library in the most ordinary town.

17-year-old Justyce McAllister is on his way to an Ivy League College but none of that matters to the police. He turns to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to help him through life. 

Piper is a graphic novel written by the acclaimed authors, Jay Asher and Jessica Freeburg, and it tells the ancient story of the Pied Piper. It follows the story of a deaf girl named Maggie who lives in a rat-infested village, Hameln, in the midst of the German countryside. She is chastised by the townspeople for her disability, and spends her time daydreaming about true love. Meanwhile, she is plagued with fearful memories of her past and deals with her own present pains. Yet one day as she is completing the normal of her life, a stranger walks into the town, whistling an eerie tune. Immediately after his arrival, the town gossips have plagued his character with judgemental rumors and sacrilegious reverence for his dark magical powers. As Maggie’s relationship with this stranger deepens not only does her admiration for him grow, but she also realizes an inner darkness that he hides.