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Articles in "Cool Teachers"

Even though there is an infinite number of ways to bully, just one can cause a child to completely melt down and loose self confidence.

Have you ever thought that Christmas was a Bah Humbug?

Anna Hirschmann writes, Imagine learning to ride a unicycle, juggle, and walk on stilts while in elementary school.

Joy Foster writes, Children always hear about history by books, parents and teachers while listening and reading.

Kendall Jordan writes, People don't usually know what their passion is when they are two years old...

Lauren Huttner writes, The students at chve love to paint.

Erin Moriarty writes, After class-bully Tod and his "droogs" get caught vandalizing school property...

Dust off those textbook covers and sharpen your pencils- school is back in session!

Dannika Harris writes, Its time to say goodbye to your summer and hello to your new school year.

Brytin Staab writes, Have you ever moved or gone to a new school? There are easy ways to fit in.

Ian Sayeedi writes, school can be interesting or not very interesting depending on what school it is.

Dannika Harris writes, We have all heard of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and some of us have heard of Mark Wood...

Hannah Skurcenski writes, Have you ever wanted to walk on water? I got a chance to do it last week at school.

Lauren Zitti writes, At a wonderful school called Kinard Middle School that I attend...

Hannah Skurcenski writes, It's that time of year again, major tests.

Olivia Newcomer writes, All over the world...

Adam Hangland writes, On February 5, at the Marriott Denver Tech Center, CCIRA hosted the Authors Festival.

Nickie Finnegan writes, AF: Anthony Fredericks NF: Nickie Finnegan NF: Can you tell me about your family and your childhood?

Amanda Ademe writes, Usually, students on a Friday after school just want to go home and relax or hang out with friends.

Melissa Kaiser writes, There are many things to give to your friends, family, and teachers around Valentine's Day.

Dannika Harris writes, It has been said that kids who play a musical instrument do better in math and are more active in school activities.

Thomas Egelhoff writes, On most Friday nights...

Abe Lamontagne writes, Circus Arts is a team that meets every morning at Foster Elementary School.

Joey Johnson writes, Moving is an arduous task that consists of many decisions and a lot of time and patients.