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Articles in "Creative Writing"

In the derelict and seemingly harmony-less, directors Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas have created music. The promenade of percussion begins on a stage filled with (what seems to be) discarded rubbish. Then, the eight performers slowly make their entrance, carrying nothing but common brooms. All of a sudden, the subtle build-up of taps and clicks crescendos into rhythm-filled, wordless song. This is Stomp!

Will Kostakis’, American debut novel, The Sidekicks is an exploration of grief. Although that may sound heavy, Kostakis weaves in all aspects of friendship, sexuality, internal thoughts, and family to create a story that is lighthearted and hopeful.

Piper is a graphic novel written by the acclaimed authors, Jay Asher and Jessica Freeburg, and it tells the ancient story of the Pied Piper. It follows the story of a deaf girl named Maggie who lives in a rat-infested village, Hameln, in the midst of the German countryside. She is chastised by the townspeople for her disability, and spends her time daydreaming about true love. Meanwhile, she is plagued with fearful memories of her past and deals with her own present pains. Yet one day as she is completing the normal of her life, a stranger walks into the town, whistling an eerie tune. Immediately after his arrival, the town gossips have plagued his character with judgemental rumors and sacrilegious reverence for his dark magical powers. As Maggie’s relationship with this stranger deepens not only does her admiration for him grow, but she also realizes an inner darkness that he hides.

  Today, July 20, 2017, youth journalists got the opportunity to meet Ted Shin, an industrial Designer at Metropolitan State University.


The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart is a touching novel telling the story of Mark, a young teen with cancer on a quest to climb Mount Rainier.

Industrial Design

Brent Lewis ,from The Denver Post, introduced and taught us about photography and journalism during the Denver Post Youth Day.

Brent lewis' career.

Brent Lewis from ,The Denver Post, introduced and taught us about photography and journalism during the Denver Post Youth Day.

Clarice Pace

 et al.

I go tom Interview a pro Cyclist, Ron Keifel. Ron Keifel is a cyclist that raced in the Tour De France and was on the first American team that race in the European Tours which is a very popular thing that people raced from all over the world! Ron Keifel talks about how to train and get ready for races, how he accomplished bug races, his worst fall and to never give up!

I really think this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It was a really good story about giving people a second chance.

An adventurous story of how 12 year-old dirt-biker, Phoenix Collins helps his secretive Kung Fu grandfather in a dangerous mission.   

Hi. My name is Lemon. I'm going to tell you a story. 

Zoe Knight writes, By attending the Governor's Inauguration, I felt more a part of Colorado than just being born and living here.

Riley Vallot writes, Calling all young writers!

Tessa Baur writes, Did you ever wonder what happened to Guinevere before she married King Arthur?