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Articles in "Games"

Plan ahead and be wise, or you might be the one getting SQUASHED.

 Great balls of Yarn!

Vivian Weigel

 et al.

For years you have been playing Super Mario. Now you have the chance to create it.

Pokemon has been around for a long time, and has accumulated thousands of fans around the world. Many of these people collect Pokemon trading cards, allowing them to easily battle and trade with their friends.

Pop Into your imagination with these 3D posters!

There are two teams fighting to save Earth in different ways.
Choose your team and defend the world.


The Play-doh Ultimate Rainbow Pack is a fun gift for ages two and up. This toy is good for its price, which is approximately ten dollars depending on where you get it.

Song Pop is a music quiz game played between two friends. The object of the game is to guess a song in a category as quickly as you can. The person who is starting the round picks a play list.

Drawn to Life isn't exactly new,but I would recommend this drawing game(for the DS) for anyone who loves drawing.

Are you looking for Christmas gifts? Are you out of ideas? Then these toys might work for you! 

The title might gross you out, but believe me this game is a blast!!

   Have you ever wanted to cruise around on a jetpack? Well now you can with the Jetpack Joyride app.

Don't have an iPod? Well you're in luck, because you can still play Words with Friends!

Game developer Zynga has teamed with Hasbro and turned its most popular online game, CityVille, into a Monopoly board game.   

If you love Twister, then you will LOVE Twister Mania for Xbox 360 Kinect!

The new and improved academic website is here at last!

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure the video game brings characters to life!

Zumba Fitness 2 gets you up, dancing, and having fun while helping you shave off those extra pounds.

DaGeDar  Quantum Racers game is more frustrating than exciting.

Last year, a game was released by Activision and Beenox. The name was Shattered Dimensions.

Olivia Brett writes, Aqua pets seem like a cute toy.

Shaeleigh Olive writes, A great game to add to your Christmas wish list is Moxie Girlz Be True! Be You! for Nintendo DS and DSI.

Kaley Barnes writes, Who is the Elf on the shelf?