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Articles in "Music"

Itzhak Perlman is many things including; a famous violinist, an inspiring teacher, and an advocate for disabled people. When he was around four years old, he decided he wanted to play the violin. It was around that time that he contracted polio. His second teacher (Rivka Goldgart) had heard of the diagnosis, and was initially reluctant to teach a disabled child, but met with him anyway. “Actually, the disability did not play any part… The only difference when you study the violin is you stand up when you play. I would say 90% (of the violinists in the world) or even more sit down when they play… So in my case, that was it. I was not playing with my feet, I was playing with my hands.”

The Colorado Music Festival and Center for Musical Arts is a nonprofit performing arts organization. “We have a mission to enrich the lives of people who live in the [Boulder] area by offering access to really high quality live music and also to education programs. It’s about educating folks, but also making their lives more fulfilling by making it more fun to live in this area,” says Andrew Bradford, the executive director of the organization.

The High Plains Singers rocks the house!

This article shows how the guitar is really made, and what it takes to build one.
There is an interview with Bill Neese, about his experiences making guitars!

The Colorado Symphony’s Resident Conductor, Scott O’Neil, can’t remember a time when he wasn’t passionate about music.   Between his Dad being a marching band conductor and the piano that sat in his home, Mr. O’Neil was fascinated by music from an early age.   From piano, to violin, to saxophone, he spent time learning how to play every instrument in the Symphony Orchestra, helping him become who he is today.

Talented musician Jack White brings the rock to Red Rocks.

Have YOU ever got to go to a music concert and interview the head of the band? Just read on…

Boys and girls alike who enjoy singing also enjoy being around so many others who sing as well.

Katherine Hueston writes, The 'Nutcracker' is a lively story about a 12-year-old girl named Clara who lives in the late 1800's and receives a n...

Zachary Smith writes, I just recently saw the movie Happy Feet Two.

Olivia Newcomer writes, The Warner brothers are bringing fluffy back with the all new movie "Happy Feet 2."

Arley Anderson writes, When James Grebb from Lakewood Colorado searched for a way to host an internet radio show on Google...

Natalie Bollig writes, Glee has taken over the hearts of many Americans.

Andrea Reyna writes, Sunday,September 19,2011 a special guest goes to the Queen of Peace, a local church and comes with his wonderful band.

Miranda Manfre writes, The people of Colorado paid their respect to those who died in the 9/11 tragedy and honored the military...

Katherine Hueston writes, Les Miserables is a musical that is currently playing at the Denver Center for the Performing arts.

Stephanie McMahon writes, Every year, Elitch Gardens hosts the summer concert series with various musical performers.

Joy Foster writes, The Public Art in downtown Denver is very original.

Simone LeBaron writes, The tickets were purchased in April and stuck in a drawer...

Emmaline Norton writes, There's all kinds of activity in Denver.

Caroline Riley writes, Taking a walk through downtown denver is a melting pot of unpredictable weather, historical architecture and character.

Ashley Traeger writes, On a walk through the downtown Denver you might hear a note of music drifting by as you study the Daniels & Fisher T...

Mandy Billups writes, Slip on thy middle-aged gowns and petticoats...

Stephanie McMahon writes, Lots of kids can't wait for school to be over and for summer to start.