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Articles in "Restaurants"

If you have a sweet tooth, or you are in the mood for a sweet treat, cupcake places are a great place to go.

It's hard for a kid to order off a kids menu. There are not a ton of choices and you want things that would be light on the taste buds but not jumbo sized. Most restaurants have the same style kids menu. Whether you go to a fancy Italian restaurant or fast food place the same options are mentioned. Here are some delis in Fort Collins that will help your selection size. 

What’s for dinner tonight? Pasta, chicken, how about pizza?

It really is too bad that us kids can't vote... but LaMars Donuts doesn't say that!

             You said you wanted ice cream but your mom insisted on getting yogurt.  Oh no! Don’t panic though, yogurt is good, in many ways.

Are the hot lunches at Carmody Middle School nutritional?

Natalie Bollig writes, You're going to your first day of seventh grade at Carmody Middle School.

Dannika Harris writes, If you asked kids today what is the style of clothing being worn, they would reply skinny jeans and tee shirts.

Katherine Hueston writes, Whenever I am hungry for an icy, cold treat, I like to go to the Dairy Queen in my neighborhood.

Miranda Manfre writes, Attention gluten-free foodies!

Erin Moriarty writes, Most pizza restaurants promise that 'if it's not delivered in 30 minutes, it's free'.

Dickey's BBQ Pit in Highlands Ranch opened in January with over 100 people on their grand opening day!

Chloe Malecha writes, While in London this past July, I went to a giant store called Harrods.

Maddie Solomon writes, Where do you go when you crave a delicious meal?

Orion Pilger writes, Imagine a Place where you have no cares whatsoever and you enjoy everything in that place.

Grace Linderman writes, In the heart of downtown Denver lies a restaurant in a historical building named theOld Spaghetti Factory.

Allyson Malecha writes, I love to eat, but eating on the kid's menu limits my choices.

Cambria Pilger writes, I interviewed my friend, Sara, the other day.

Jordan Adolph writes, Food something we all love and enjoy.

Tony Yin writes, Epcot, probably the third most visited theme park in the US is another one of the four theme parks in Disneyworld.

Elana Neiley writes, Want Help Cooking? Ask Remy!

Bailey Cross writes, Are you ALWAYS craving something new? Well I have 6 restaurants to satisfy all of your cravings!

Cristina Turcanu writes, Looking for fun in the ocean? Well look no further then the Denver Aquarium.