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Articles in "School Events"

West Middle School in Greenwood Village has a very special way of giving thanks to veterans every Memorial Day.

Living history in the best way possible

Embrace you inner geek!

What would you ask your favorite author if you had a chance to meet him?  I had a chance to meet my favorite author, Avi, when he came to my school! 

TCAP, or Transitional Colorado Assessment Program, officially begins for all students third through tenth grade on Tuesday, March 6.

Boys and girls alike who enjoy singing also enjoy being around so many others who sing as well.

The Bear Creek High School Marching Band performs at over one hundred venues each school year. Yet, one performance tops them all. The Marching Band performs at stadiums, festivals, and of course, on the football field. But on Saturday, October 29, Bear Creek took on a much larger stage: a square mile of downtown Denver.

Dannika Harris writes, This time of year many of us kids are thinking about winter break or what to put on their Christmas list...

Sophia Becker writes, Halloween usually rolls around about this time of year; some of us are counting down the days...

Dannika Harris writes, Its time to say goodbye to your summer and hello to your new school year.

Sophia Becker writes, All of us school-goers are holding our breath for the school year to be OVER!

Hannah Skurcenski writes, Have you ever wanted to walk on water? I got a chance to do it last week at school.

Kidproof's Cyber Safety comes to Colorado.

Thomas Egelhoff writes, On January 29, Southmoor Elementary will host a shopping fair known as the Valentine's Artisan Fair.

Dannika Harris writes, The saying, sing your hearts out, means a lot to the Foothills Elementary Choir.

Riley Vallot writes, You want to know what it's like to live a day in 1887?

Stephanie McMahon writes, Every year lots of schools send their sixth grade classes on a three day trip to Outdoor Education!

Julia Foran writes, I don't know about your school, but my school has a very important ODE (Outdoor Ed) program.

Stephanie McMahon writes, Several schools in Denver are participating in the annual magazine sale.

Stephanie McMahon writes, Nine-year old Alyssa attended Fox Creek Elementary until March 8th...