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Articles in "School Other"

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever bullied someone else? I bet you don't know this but it happens all of the time, mainly cyber bulling.

Who knew lip-gloss could be such a dangerous accessory? 

The Kindle and the Ipad have gone nationwide, spreading global. It is light and portable and you can read books and play games wherever you go.

Are the hot lunches at Carmody Middle School nutritional?

School is usually a happy environment to be in, but when students are forced to beat the sun to school in the morning, how much are they really learning?

Is open lab an effective way of helping with getting your work done?

Should Science Finally Be An Elective?

Do you start drama or do you end drama?

What is Poland? It's country in Europe with the hardest language on the world!

Do you swear? Do you call others these words that have become the bad words of the century?

It's not everyday that you see a unique program become part of a school's routine so quickly. Euclid Middle School's new leadership program creates guidance in the students' lives.

Natalie Bollig writes, You're going to your first day of seventh grade at Carmody Middle School.

Kendall Jordan writes, In the famous story Rumpelstiltskin, the king's daughter spun straw into gold.

Anna Hirschmann writes, Imagine learning to ride a unicycle, juggle, and walk on stilts while in elementary school.

Two days isn't quite long enough for a vacation, so what are you supposed to DO on the weekends?

Megan Walsh writes, What do you think of when you hear the word "leadership"?

Lauren Huttner writes, The students at chve love to paint.

Dust off those textbook covers and sharpen your pencils- school is back in session!

Sophia Becker writes, Many times (in school and in life) you will need to work on projects in groups.

Brytin Staab writes, Have you ever moved or gone to a new school? There are easy ways to fit in.

Abe Lamontagne writes, Just to start things off: this is not a LITERAL mountain.

Madi Horner writes, Have you ever had a field trip that you were so anxious for that you couldn't sleep the night before? Well.

Serena Brito writes, Every year a program called Super School News picks some schools to pick a few kids to create a newscast.

Olivia Newcomer writes, In Brighton, Colorado, a new charter school opened its doors, and the people came on rolling in.