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Articles in "Soccer"

Joy Foster writes, On the 17th of July, 2011, the USA Women's soccer team faced Japan in the finals of the World Cup.

Connor Adcock writes, Swish! Nari has done it again.

Hannah Skurcenski writes, If you like a fun, quick soccer game, then Kick-It 3v3 is the thing for you.

Isabelle Aboaf writes, Once upon a time...

Melissa Riley writes, Nine-year-old...

Chase Hoven writes, When most people watch soccer games, many are concentrating on the players and where the ball is.

Anna Mantooth writes, DU stadium,7:00 p.

Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, Right now your primary concerns are probably along the lines of studying for that mammoth test tomorrow...

Lauren McCulley writes, Dick's Sporting Good's Park nearly shook as hundreds of fans cheered and applauded Conor Casey as he put the ball in t...

Gabi Curry writes, Camp Timberline also known as Camp T is a camp founded on Christian beliefs located near Longs Peak outside of Estes Park.

Lauren McCulley writes, Do you love sports, and have always wondered how the balls of all the sports came to be?

Melissa Riley writes, Do your parents work in the summer?

Cambria Pilger writes, I interviewed my friend, Sara, the other day.

Melissa Riley writes, Sports have been part of people's lives for more that 100 years.

Caroline Till writes, Air Bud:Special Edition is a hilarious kid movie filled with suspense, happiness, sadness, and friendship.

Dannika Harris writes, On Saturday...

Susan Cheng writes, While everyone in Denver...

Susan Cheng writes, "Thank you for making the Cherry Creek Sneak a Denver tradition since 1982!

Tony Yin writes, actually an interesting sporting mega-event.