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Articles in "Swimming"

The best swimmers from all over the state came to compete in the 2013 State Championship swim meet in Canon City, Colorado on August 2rd, 3rd, and 4th.

My Swim Team has started earning speeding tickets for their speed in the meets!

Missy Franklin had no idea she would be competing in the Olympics Trials by age sixteen.

Christina Tegrotenhuis writes, When someone thinks of summer, one of the most common phrases that comes to mind is "Let's go to the beach.

Hannah Skurcenski writes, Over the summer, when my grandma was a kid, she did lots of things for fun.

Hannah Costa writes, The newest outdoor water park in Brighton opened June 11.

Bradley King writes, It was a foggy Sunday morning as I prepared my stuff.

Kaley Barnes writes, Torre Jones is a ten year old girl who is an experienced swimmer.

Abe Lamontagne writes, For those who don't like math or science...

Melissa Riley writes, Have you ever competed in a triathlon?

Tommy Gergely writes, HI I'm Tommy Gergely and personally I think swimming is the best sport in the world!

Melissa Kaiser writes, From it's lowest valley to it's highest mountain, Colorado is astonishing.

Kelsey Campbell writes, this summer it was not what i was hoping for and i get sat at home all day doing nothing...

Allyson Malecha writes, Science Discovery at the University of Colorado is a program founded in 1983 that educates students ages four to eightee...

Chase Hoven writes, Summer has arrived, which means school is out for most kids.

Davis Anderson writes, Why I love my mom.

Melissa Riley writes, A hero is respectful, devoted, and determined.

Melissa Riley writes, Sports have been part of people's lives for more that 100 years.

Eliza Halpin writes, If you are looking for a great summer camp idea for next year look no further.

Allyson Malecha writes, Experience a jungle teeming with life, a beautiful shoreline, and a flash flood without even leaving Denver!

The "Watercube," the swimming venue for the 2008 Olympics today was unveiled

Caroline Till writes, The English Channel is a water way 21 miles wide and 350 miles long that separates Great Britian from France.

Tony Yin writes, actually an interesting sporting mega-event.

Melissa Riley writes, Have you and your family ever gone to the Arvada Center to see a play?