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Articles in "TV Shows"

Fantasy enthusiasts and "Mortal Instruments" fans alike, prepare: "Shadowhunters" is a new television series that will emmerse you in a whole new world!

Boy Meets World fans beware! The recently released sequel, Girl Meets World is not what you may think. The highly anticipated Disney show aired on June 27th.

Does running in the rain really help you stay dry? Can you save your house from the Big Bad Wolf? Can you change as fast as a superhero?

Natalie Bollig writes, Glee has taken over the hearts of many Americans.

Elazar Krausz writes, If you're babysitting your younger siblings and feel like watching a movie or TV show, try Netflix for Kids.

Andrea Reyna writes, Mitchell Musso who plays as Brady in Pairs of Kings...

Olivia Newcomer writes, In this bite taking Disney television show, not everything is what you'd specify as normal.

Joey Murphy writes, A fun way to make new friends is through Super School News.

Kaley Barnes writes, Becky Ditchfield is one of the 9News meteorologists.

Serena Brito writes, Every year a program called Super School News picks some schools to pick a few kids to create a newscast.

Meghan Sharma writes, Here's a fact for you: according to healthguidance.

Julia Foran writes, Autism is "a persuasive developmental disorder of children...

Bradley King writes, Ken Burns is a very popular director and producer of documentary films.

Sophia Becker writes, Slowly, ever so slowly, our cable channels disappeared into thin air.

Stephanie McMahon writes, What would it be like to be dating a vampire?

More than just a name...

Taylor Kelly writes, Recently I visited my grandparents in Los Angeles, California.