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Articles in "Websites"

Instagram is a photo app that provides a fun way to connect with family and friends. Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010.

There are many music videos out there on websites like Youtube, with a video for nearly every song that exists. Some follow the lyrics, some have plots, others are just made with the purpose of being interesting.

Everywhere you turn you can see pictures of “perfect” people. In magazines at the grocery store, ads in commercials, starring in movies and on TV, along with pictures all over the internet. Well, a certain video has the power to debunk all these myths of perfection—in the form of a fake makeup advertisement.

Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) is the best site to role play as a hero living in a town called Battleon where Chaos is try...

Elazar Krausz writes, If you're babysitting your younger siblings and feel like watching a movie or TV show, try Netflix for Kids.

Megan Walsh writes, Lots of kids around the world love writing and this website is the place for them.

Gavin Pero writes, OMG POP is an awesome way to play games, earn prizes, and make e-friends.

Gavin Pero writes, Hello, young secret agents!

Chloe Malecha writes, Many of you have heard about the book series, The Clique.

Julia Foran writes, What's your favorite food? The answer from most kids is something like, "chocolate", "chicken tenders", "ice cream.

Julia Foran writes, Many websites are zombie games, cars, motorcycles, all boy things.

Julia Foran writes, April, Apple released a piece of technology that seemed so great everyone couldn't wait to get their hands on it.

Meghan Sharma writes, One of the many goals of students all across the globe is to excel in academics and learn in any form possible.

Bailey Cross writes, According to the founders of Shmoop.

Bailey Cross writes, On November 20, Twilight Saga: New Moons opens nation-wide in theaters.

Emma Carroll writes, Heaven knows Detroit needed something to cheer about the night of the NCAA men's basketball tournament...

TT Scragg writes, The title of the book is Tsunami: The True Tale Of An April Fools Day Disaster.

Elana Neiley writes, People everywhere like some sort of music...

Orion Pilger writes, Young AmeriTowne was GREAT!


Danielle Turner writes, R O A D Typing is a great ability that all people should know.

Sierra Goldie writes, Have you ever been searching the web and not been able to find anything to do? Well I have the solution!

Hannah Duran writes, Hey, do you want to know something amazing? Some collage students did a study about information.

Rachel Faulkner writes, Have you ever heard of a manatee?