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Another Hike (But No Swimming)

If you like to explore this trail is for you, it is filled with old mine shafts and different scat. As we pulled into the Kelly Dahl campground trying to find a trail. After driving around for almost 15 minutes it was decided we would get out and walk around. At the time I didn’t want to go but I am glad we did. Walking we came upon a what looked like a trail but had no markers, so we started on the trail. As we hiked up the slope at the start I saw some Wild Rose Blossoms that looked like they had been eaten already. At the top of the slope there are boulders that you can climb on. On some of them after you climb them there are beautiful views of the forest below. While you keep walking along the trail it is a fun time to bond with family or sing a song together. All of the sudden you might hear a noise almost like a wailing. There to the left of us was a mine shaft that had been blocked off with steel bars. As you keep going along there are three more closed off mine shafts. The most scenic way to get to the Kelly Dahl campground is through Boulder Canyon. Even though it might not have cellphone service you can see old wooden cabins and barns that are starting to cave in. Also there is a lot of wildlife like elk and deers just roaming next to homes in the canyon. All in all it is a trail that is a easy and fun trail for the whole family. Also it is on the way up to the mountains so instead of a boring ride up ask your parents to stop for a hike before you keep going on the long drive.