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Camp Logton: Part Two

     Liana was dropped off and left. The camp counselors walked with her to her bunk. There were four other girls already there. Bianca, an Italian immigrant who left Italy when she was only six. She spoke in broken English. Emma, a girl who acted very mature (but definitely not snobby) was apparently a daughter of a multi-millionaire. Georgia, a competitive gymnast, did back flips and handsprings on the bunk floor. Kathrynn was very snobby and particular, and did her best to look rich like Emma. Liana eyed them and chose a bottom bunk next to a shelf. She unpacked her things and sat down on her bunk. She saw Bianca walk over to her. They talked until it was time for lunch. They ran outside only to find three golf carts. The camp counselor told them to hop in, two to each. Before dinner, their counselor told them how to steer and control speed. The only bunks that didn't get golf carts were the youngest bunks. Liana wheeled around with Bianca in the seat beside her. They parked in a designated spot and walked off to the delicious dinner they were about to have.