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Casa Bonita - Entertainment Galore

Casa Bonita is an entertainment restaraunt featuring an arcade, diving shows every 30 minutes, and good Mexican food. The tokens are low-priced, and the arcade machines are fun. The arcade features games such as Ski Ball, Big Bertha Feed, (where does it go?). The diving shows usually feature a person in a gorilla follows, a diver, a "maiden", and at least one gunshot (fake). To order your food, you walk down to a large number of menus on the wall, until you reach the register. Here, you order food and drinks, and buy tokens. Then, you follow another curving path until you reach the "Assembly line" as I like to call it. You take a tray and a silverware from a bin, then move down to a school luchroom style bar to where they give you your food. Then, you continue to the station and find yourself at the drink station. After this, you are shown to a seat, and are given free chips and salsa. After dinner and enjoy the shows, they bring free sopapillas. A sopapilla is a hollow piece of bread, cooked until it is soft, but firm, and then served hot out of the oven. Then, most people put on a more than generous helping of honey, and enjoy. This is a great, kid-oriented restaraunt, that adults enjoy too. The food is not exactly gourmet, but the attractions, sopapillas, and specialty drinks make up for the average food. This restaurant is best for families with kids aged 9-13. This is the most kids under 9 years old will have trouble there. For example, the parents would have to carry two trays, and one of the heavy trays is hard enough to carry. Also, they would not be able to reach the controls on the game machines, and it would be hard for them to catch a glimpse of the show. A kid over thirteen years old would probably feel that they are too old for the games, or they will just be glued to their phones, and not make it worth the price. However, any kid who is 9-13 will probably enjoy this restaraunt, and create it with their parents.