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Hike and Swim (All In One Location)

Hiking can be a real bore sometimes but in Eldorado Canyon it is far from boring. When you enter Eldorado State Park you are welcomed by nature all around you. Whether driving or walking as you make your way to the trail of your choice you will see trees and rocks of all colors. You might also see rock climbers high on the cliffs or just starting at the bottom. My family and I chose to go on the Eldorado Canyon Trail. As you start at the trail head there is a visitors center where you can pick up a map or a family activity pack. At first the trail will seem very steep and difficult. Make sure you have good shoes and plenty pf water on hand. Even though a park ranger might tell you its a difficult one there are plenty of shady stops where you can take a break or turn around. As you get higher there are amazing views of nature. After a hike we went to the Eldorado Pool admission is $12 adults and $8 kids it is super kid friendly from the big slide to the diving board that fun to jump off of. Having a picnic there can be super fun the water is always nice and cool and the people are always great. Have fun on your very own hike and swim day at Eldorado State Park!