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At home: The Presidential Debate

I took the time to be prepared for future elections that I can vote in by watching the 2012 Presidential Debate. I have been watching it since it started at 7:00 pm, and I have some interest in the topics, though (still being a kid) no interest in others. First off, I feel bad that President Obama and Michelle Obama have to spend their 20 year anniversary with the President talking bad about another person, and being ridiculed himself!!! The first topic, New Jobs in the Economy, gave some interest to me, particularly when they talked about education and training. While it was only supposed to take 15 minutes, this section of the debate took WAY longer than that. One of the reasons for that was because Governor Romney kept interrupting the announcer, who probably wants to be out of there by 9pm, its scheduled ending time. President Obama also interrupted the announcer, though I will say not nearly as much as Governor Romney.
When talking about Job Growth, the candidates got a bit off topic and went closer to tax cuts. Both candidates made good points about each other’s plans, but Governor Romney kept insisting what Obama was saying about him wasn’t true, though Obama kept saying it was true. Medicare doesn’t concern me that much right now, though I’ll probably be concerned about it about 14 elections from now. The Debate is important to watch, even if you aren’t the CK reporter watching it live from DU, so make sure you watch it.


Hey, did you guys watch the debate on Tuesday or the presidential debate last Thursday? Boy were they different. What'd you think of it?

I thought the debate was sorta interesting but I was doing my homework at the same time so...

Yeah, I was actually doing extra-credit homework at the same time, too. My homework was to watch the debate and write about it!!!


ALSO: Romney knows HIS plan. Obama knows Romney's plan, but not as much as Romney. So, therefore, Romney has EVERY RIGHT to say "no, that's not true." Because, after all, it is ROMNEY'S plan

Hey, hey, hey. I didn't say Romney doesn't know his plan. I said the candidates kept disagreeing with each other.

that's true. I'm sorry if I offended you but I just wanted to put that out there. :P It was a good article though! Er... blog I mean :) :P

No, it's fine. I can't really side with any political party right now, so if it offended you, then I'm sorry. Thanks for your feedback. I can now see how to fix some things in my articles... I mean blogs!!! :)

But- the mediator kept cutting off Romney and letting Obama talk for WAY longer than his two minutes. True, Romney did cut off the mediator some, but the mediator did his own fair share in cutting people off.