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The Moon and the Flowers: The Second Diary Entry of Mooness, Goddess of the Night Sky

The Second Day of the Month of the North Star
The Sun Castle is beautiful with gardens full of flowers and ponds. I spend most of my time here gazing at the fish, birds, and the occaisonal patches of moonflowers. I can tell Apollo loves these gardens as I have seen him walking about them almost everytime I look out my window. As it turns out light is not so bad as they make it out to be in my country. It is indeed a wonderful thing as well as Apollo. Everyone is nice to me here, and it seems as though even though I am the Goddess of the Night Sky they still hold me in high regard. I am enjoying my stay here, with the lovely banquets and majestic dances. My candle burns low in my chambers and I will have to continue writing in the morning.