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Owls That Burrow

The Burrowing Owl is an amazing creature that lives in the burrows of prairie dogs. Earlier this year in class we did reports about endangered species I was assigned the Burrowing Owl.

Burrowing Owls are common to the North American Plains. They are only about the size of a prairie dog but what they loose in size they make up in brains. Over time they have adapted to where they live and they live in the burrows prairie dogs create. They eat the rodents and bugs that live in the burrows so they don't have to come out often.

Sadly because of farmers and hunters that kill off prairie dogs Burrowing Owls are endangered. When farmers but explosives or poison in the burrows the owls sometimes eat the poison or are killed in the explosion

Some special people have set up Burrowing Owl conservations. Where Burrowing Owls can live in prairie dog burrows away from danger but not all Burrowing Owls can be brought to these conservations. So if you see a sign that says for sale by a plot of land that has prairie dogs know you will know what lives there and is in danger.

Know you know w a little more about Burrowing Owls and what they have to live with.