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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (and Compost!)

Recently, with all of the natural disasters happening around the globe, there is a common question racing through all of our minds: Is global warming real? Now is the time to act so as to create a better future and a better globe. Two things that you can do to help fight this increasing problem is compost and recycle.

Composting is an efficient way to dispose of natural products ranging from discarded food to shredded paper. By composting, it improves the soil quality, prevents erosion, and cleans previously contaminated soil. This is extremely beneficial for the environment because it reduces greenhouse gases and enriches soil.

Recycling is helpful for the environment because it reduces pollution and energy consumption. By recycling glass, plastic, paper, and metals it helps reuse the precious resources that Earth has to offer.

By being more aware of composting and recycling you are one step closer to helping the future of the planet and making a difference in the world.