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Should Girls Be Able to Play on Boys' Sports teams?

 Despite the fact that most people think that girls shouldn’t be able to play on boys’ sports teams, I want to argue that it’s a good idea for several reasons. According to research, more and more girls are playing on boys’ sports teams today. For one reason, girls are stronger than they look. Secondly, girls are more about teamwork than winning. Finally, girls can like a challenge. I strongly believe that boys’ sports teams would benefit from having girls on their teams.
To start off, girls are a lot stronger than they look. Believe it or not, how strong they are doesn’t matter because they’ll still have a place in the team. For this reason, people are afraid that girls will get hurt or injured. It’s not the best feeling in the world when people think you’re weak. Boys can get minor injuries and act like they’re dying or broke a bone. Therefore, boys compared to girls are wimps.
Secondly, girls are known for being good about teamwork. Research shows that girls are more about teamwork than winning. Now I know you’re probably thinking that “If they’re not about winning, then what’s the point?” There’s actually an advantage to this. Girls can embrace the strengths of other players faster than boys can. As a result, girls are quicker to create a positive team spirit!
Finally, girls can like a challenge. Even though boys are built to be stronger than girls, doesn’t mean girls are weaker. It could also be great motivation for girls to do better at the sport. It’s also easier to manage and achieve. And if you don’t know what you’re expecting, then act like it’s a challenge anyway. In my opinion, everybody likes a challenge, right?
Some people think that girls should not be put on boys’ sports teams. Boys can completely dominate because they can jump higher for rebounds, run faster, and they’re taller to block the other teams goals. However, after interviewing some boys myself, they said that girls are just as strong as boys are and that they’re just as capable of doing it as boys are.
Having girls on boys’ sports teams because they’re strong, all about teamwork, and them liking a challenge are all strong and supported reasons to why they should be able to play on boys’ teams. Each day that passes by, is one day you miss of possibly having a team that’s the most strong and competitive in the league because of how girls compete and how they interact with one another.  


I TOTALLY agree with you!! Love this article and agree with the comment below- I sometimes play football with my friends and the boys at recess.

I agree with this! I love to play football with the boys at school!
- Clary

Totally! To many people say " If your a girl you can't play any sports except for volley ball!"


Yes as in this is totally amazing or yes as in you agree with me? :D