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Snowboarding for the First Time

Snowboarding is hard, but you really need to get the hang of it first. I learned this the hard way when I went up for the first time with my two best friends, Clara and Jasmine. Our instructor was very harsh and made us hike up a fairly steep hill with our boards on. It was hard at first, but once we learned how to put our boards on and walk with them, it wasn’t all that hard. We slowly walked up to the lodge, ready for a break after falling so many times. As soon as we were done with the short break, my two best friends, and another girl in our group and I begged to go on the Magic Carpet, a slow, rubber carpet that pulls you up a tiny, almost flat slope.
Sooner rather than later, it was lunchtime. After a hearty helping of chicken nuggets, a fruit cup, and lemonade, we hurried back onto the slopes. All four of us were super excited to finally ride the smallest lift on the mountain. The only part we were worried about was getting off of the lift, which we had heard was challenging. The attendant scanned our day passes and we hopped onto the chairlift.
The ride was short and sweet, as we enjoyed the views and prayed that getting off of the lift wasn’t as hard as we heard it was. All of the other students had gotten off of the lift safely, and now it was my turn. I got into position, took a deep breath, and fell flat on my face. I slid down to where the other pupils were waiting for me. I shakily stood up, and rode down to where we would strap in all the way. I got down the run safely, with only a couple of minor falls along the way.
The rest of the day pretty much went like that. A few falls, one more break in the lodge for hot chocolate, and pictures at the end with my best friends.
Although snowboarding is hard, everybody should try it sometime. But, if you go up for the first time, you just have to be prepared to fall…


I love this post! I am also a snowboarder. Where did you go? I go to Loveland.

I went to Grandby Ranch, but it is so tiny!! I am mostly a skier though, so I don't usually snowboard.