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Thank You (Ireland)

Thank you for solitude:
the early-morning prayer of the countryside.

Thank you for patience:
understanding that imperfection takes time.

Thank you for stillness:
calm moments when the wind ceased.

Thank you for emerald pastures:
such spaces for my childish craving to be independent.

Thank you for adventure:
the black and white dog that was always there; standing by my side.

Thank you for being mysterious:
it was the cause for many unfinished odes.

Thank you for giving me knowledge:
you introduced me to the resplendence of life.

Thank you for inspiration:
helping me turn blank pages into notebooks filled with words.

Thank you for being melancholy:
your grieving and bittersweet land gave me time for sadness.

Thank you for abandonment:
the sole cause of my contemplative heart.

Thank you for darkness and light:
you helped me realize the beauty and faults of both.

Thank you for humor:
causing me to feel more human.

Thank you for wildness:
it made me understand what life is truly meant to be like.

Thank you for opening my eyes to infinity:
you made me understand there is much more than meets the eye.

Thank you for the sea:
salt, seaweed, and jellyfish.

Thank you for ancientness:
and understanding the beauty of death.

Thank you for ruins:
that give me a new perspective on history, every time.

Thank you for being small.
Thank you for holding immensity within.

Thank you for igniting my flame:
I now stand tall, flickering yet not going out.

Thank you for teaching me how to write:
you have introduced me to my first, life-long lover.

Thank you for teaching me how to love:
no words can express the gift you have given.

Thank you.