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What the vet didn't tell Santa

T'was the morning of Christmas when all through the house, people were laughing, and some fighting, getting ready to open presents. As I finally got all the grown-ups herded up, I hurried them to the Christmas tree. As I was looking at the name tags on the presents, all of them said either Ren, Kim, Jeanne, Andrew, or Ron. To my surprise, none said my name. When I was about to run to my room and cry, a tiny note fell from the tree.
As I reluctantly picked up the rolled-up note, I was afraid to look at the name tag this time. What if it said Kim or Andrew? But I reassured myself that there had to be something for me. Through the slit of my eye, what I saw was to my surprise. In perfect calligraphy, it said: To Cate, from Saint Nick. I unraveled the ribbon as quickly as I could--wait! I forgot the most important detail! On my Christmas list, every year, I wrote: Cat! Kitty! I want a cat! But no matter how hard I tried or how nice I was, I never got that one present that I asked Santa for every year. Maybe it was because Santa wasn't real and my mom just didn't want a cat. I will never know to this day. But back to the story. I unraveled the ribbon as quickly as I could and in printed letters, it basically said that once the weather got warmer that morning, I should go check if there was a box sitting on my patio.
I frantically rushed to the back door and swung open the big glass door. Nothing. Five minutes later, nothing. "Is it even gonna come?" I asked my mom, extremely unsettled. "Of course it is, sweetie." replied my mom, reassuringly. "Santa always keeps his word." "How do you know?"I asked incredulously. "Uh, well I had a private talk with Santa and he promised he would bring the box." "Yeah right." As I sulked towards the back door to check once more, I heard a loud MEOOOOOOW!!! I don't just mean the regular cat meow. I mean like ten famished kittens all meowing in unison. "What the..." I whispered as I rased down the hall to the back door. "MOM!!!" I yelled. "Coming, hold on." She said like she didn't recognize the urgency and excitement in my voice. Right when my whole family approached, I dashed out the doorway and around the corner. Of course, the only person taking a video of almost the best moment in my life was my mom, who just happened to have greasy bacon fingers. She assumed she was videoing but apparently, you can't press the giant red button with greasy fingers. Classic mom move. Sure enough, there was a plain, striped box with a towel inside it. But the one thing that was supposed to stay inside the recycled cardboard box was the tiny kitten that managed to hop out off the box and sit in the soaking wet snow. I thought, How could this tiny kitten produce such a loud sound?
"Sweetie look! It's the cat you've always wanted." Said, my mom, like she was predicting this was going to happen. Oh, and if I remember correctly, that Christmas, my grandparents got me a whole load of cat supplies. They said that they just knew that I was going to get a cat this year. It is still puzzling to me about how they knew. Anyway, this cat ran, no, correction, he pranced (while running into tables, walls, and doorways) into the glass table, not onto, mind you, and started rolling around on the floor for no apparent reason. "Uh, mom? Is he ok?" I asked. "Yes, I'm sure he's just excited." "Ok..." As soon as we got him to calm down (which involved wrestling him like we were both pro sumo wrestlers), we all went online to pick a name for my new (but bezerk) kitten.
The sequel to this blog post will be coming out someday this January.