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White Fence Farms - great chicken dinner!

The White Fence Farm is a blend of a family restaurant that specializes in chicken recipes and park/farm. It is a very fun place to go. Plan on giving yourself a few hours there, especially if you have young children. It was founded in 1973 and has about 80 acres of land! The restaurant is located in Lakewood, CO.
There is a petting zoo and right now there are 3 goats. There is a pig chute, which is a slide for kids that goes down onto a stage and it is really fun. The slide opens for the first 15 minutes of each hour. There is also a small arcade (they have pinball and stuff, and they only take a quarter or two to play). The playground has a treehouse. And, as if that is not enough, there is also a water sidewalk which is a spot where you can feed ducks and fish.
There is a Colorado Christmas which are decorated Christmas trees all year long!
The country store isn’t a lot to look at, but it does have a lot of sauces, jams and dips. The sweet shop is much more fun to visit where you can find fudge, cotton candy, and other sweets. Make sure to ask the waiter for a wooden token because if you are 12 or under you get a little prize!
Of course there is food. The chicken tenders are really crispy and tender. I liked the corn fritters and the fries were also crispy. They also had other sides like beets, coleslaw, etc.
The wait staff is friendly. My waiter J.C. has been working at White Fence Farm for 8 years. If you ask, you can get a kitchen tour for free.
White Fence Farms has a special dining room for adults only. Definitely go and be sure to check the website for hours as they are closed on Mondays and are closed for all of January. They don’t serve lunch “Because evenings and weekends are when families most often can gather, and because we want to have a life aside from the restaurant.”