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Are you afraid of mice? Do they make your skin crawl? Then you’re not alone. Many people are scared of mice and consider them as pests. If people have mice in their home, they will most likely trap or kill them – and my family is no exception. I’ve been helping my dad catch mice in our house and release them across the river where they can’t come back. But last week, when my family and I were cleaning our car, my mom found a nest of six baby mice under the back seats. They were still very young – they had fur, but hadn’t opened their eyes yet – and their mother was nowhere to be found. So, we decided to take care of them. But why didn’t we just get rid of them like with all the other mice we found? Not only did we feel sorry for them, but we also found them adorable. They were only infants, unable to take care of themselves, so we really couldn’t just take them into the forest and leave them there. We felt like we had a responsibility to take care of them after disturbing their peaceful nest. So, my dad transferred the nest to a cardboard box while I researched as much as I could about taking care of baby mice, checked on them constantly, and gave them food three times a day. Every night, we would put the box next to the car in the garage to see if the mother would come out and find them there. Even though she never did come, I still did my best at watching over them. Unfortunately, the mice got weaker every day, not getting enough nutrition from what we were feeding them, and after five days they died. That made me really sad; they were still babies and had so little time to enjoy the world, but I’m still glad that I took care of them. I learned a lot from that experience and it completely changed my view of mice. Next time I find a nest of baby mice, I’ll leave it alone and give them a better chance at having a good life – until we trap them and release them across the river!