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The biggest upset in college basketball history hasn't happened yet. 

If your tears are words of mine,

Why is it I feel your sorrow?

There has been a recent uproar over the success of "Vocaloid", short for vocal android, and whether Vocaloids are a threat to music as a whole.

Reflected in

My eye of glass

Years of time

Lost forever

A home comes in many different sizes, but for one little alien, his home belongs on earth.

Pray tell what kheft has taken me

From the parched sands of Egypt

Save an awesome teacher!!!

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There is a girl at school, nobody knows her real well, but I sure do, and she... she is amazing. 

Where hatred flocks to roost and stew
And treachery to stir anew
Leaving melancholy spin a nest
As darkness  leaves an empty view

D'Evelyn Junior/ Senior High school making foolish choices.

Wow this thing is old it's uh... about a raven. Well not really but you know symbolism stuffme