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Paris is the city of love and beauty, right? Well, there's many shades and sides to Paris that you probably didn't know about...

I have made several attempts to have a daily blog, and failed. Now I will take another shot, but this time a weekly blog.

The Fault in Our Stars- a book by John Green and recent movie, the way that I see it.

To mystery readers everywhere: some concerning news!

Don’t we all yearn for a place where we can be outdoors, spend time with friends, and do fun activities? YMCA of the Rockies is that place!

Bullying is something people should be against, not do. Living is something people should love, not hate. Words should be pretty, not mean. You should be someone you love because you're perfectly made, not hate because someone told you lies about yourself. Don't bully and don't support it. Always tell someone and get help. Think positive.

Just a poem I made- well added on to because I don't love anyone like that. c:

Over the school year my grade had to make a poetry book full of different poems that we learned over the year. Here's a couple I wrote.

This is my first real blog entry so please tell me in the comments if you like what you read. Some of the things I will be blogging about will be fun summer boredom beaters, money makers, and creative crafts.

I shouldn't be in charge of the world... I'd most likely ruin humanity. {After Judith Viorst}


Many people think that having boys and girls on the same sports team isn't a good idea because it might be a distraction or because it's not likely to have a girl play a "boys sport". However there is quite a few reasons to why it's a good idea.

Updates on the rocketry competition.  

You have probably heard many propositions about why zebras have stripes but this article is about the real reason why they do!

How to make a cute hiding hole.

“Open yer mouth.” Felton Thadwick’s heavy knees pinned Charles to the rocky ground. “No!” said Charles. “Open yer mouth or I’ll squish yer frog’s guts out on yer face.” “Open yer mouth.” Felton Thadwick’s heavy knees pinned Charles to the rocky ground. “No!” said Charles. “Open yer mouth or I’ll squish yer frog’s guts out on yer face.” Then a girl in a tree yelled at the bullies and fought them off. The girl, named Geneva, had been watching Charles and asked him to meet her tomorrow to go to her town in the future. Later back in LAanges, Geneva saw Mr. Foxx trying to take his co-worker to show him a code but instead started to control his mind. Geneva needed Charles.

  In the morning Charles went down to the river and met Geneva again and was ready, but scared, to go to LAanges. When they got there they headed straight to the TerraThinc building where Gramercy Foxx worked. He had the Hum energy just like Charles from 500 years prior. Mr. Foxx had a plan to take over the world with “The Future.” He makes up stories of what the future would look like but those stories are just a cover up for his dirty work.

I think this story is a great book for anyone who likes mysteries or adventures. If your school participates in Race to Read like mine this is a jack pot for you because if you are like me you fill out a whole sheet on this book. Smasher is one that is tough to put down. Although you may have to re-read a few sentences I think this is a great book to read. I would give it a 4.3 out of 5 stars. I think that this book should get a New York Times #1 bestseller award. I conclude that you should recommend this to friends and family, ages 9-13. All in all, this one of the top ten books I have ever read.


Hello everyone, I'm so excited to be on Next-gen!!!!

Hi again, I hope that y'all are on spring break.

Tell me what you want to talk about in the comments below! ~Kristen!