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A short poem about transformation.

On my recent trip to Central America I discovered a world I did not know existed.

New Year, New Blog.

Where are you from....are you from hello kitty or transformers? 

Are you no tready for the holidays? Well, if not maybe this article will change your mind!!

A short poem about Hawaii

Did you know that basil can have a heart full of love?

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Do you hate it when the radio people just keep playing that one song over and over and over? Well, here's a list of some of them!

Do you have siblings who annoy you? Then this blog is for you!

Can you guess what animal this poem is about?

Everyone knows the connection between golf and math, though the connection between writing and golf is just as evident.

I hear the blow of the starting gun
I feel the smack of the wind ...

Welcome to International Day for Peace!